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Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi

With Managed WiFi, Cloud Networks takes responsibility for the management and optimization of your business’ wireless network. We ensure that your WiFi connection is fast, stable, and secure, allowing everyone within your organization to focus on their tasks.

Our experts are ready to set up, monitor and proactively manage your company’s network. We create optimal coverage so your employees, guests or customers can enjoy an excellent WiFi experience from anywhere.

* Multicell WiFi
* 24/7 management
* Configuration, monitoring and maintenance

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To ensure that the healthcare network is always available, ZINN uses Managed WiFi and redundant internet connections.

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What is Managed WiFi?

Do you want to be online, always, and worry-free? With our Managed WiFi service, you’re assured of a reliable WiFi connection. A wireless and secure network in the office without major adjustments. We handle everything from cabling, installation to management and we utilize Multicell WiFi.


What is Multicell WiFi?

Multicell WiFi a wireless network architecture that uses multiple WiFi access points to cover a larger area. It also provides better coverage. Multicell WiFi involves strategically placed access points that optimize overlap, enabling a seamless wireless experience for users. It’s ideal for organizations with large spaces like offices, hotels, and shopping centers, where reliable and powerful WiFi coverage is essential.

Multicell WiFi is managed through a centralized management system, making network configuration, monitoring and maintenance very easy. It allows network administrators to efficiently manage the WiFi network, optimize performance and quickly resolve any kind of issues. In short, Multicell WiFi is an advanced wireless network architecture that delivers better coverage, capacity, and seamless connectivity in large spaces, offering users a powerful, reliable and wireless experience.


Why choose Managed WiFi?

By choosing Cloud Networks’ Managed WiFi, your organization benefits from reliable connectivity, easy management, advanced security, and support. It ensures an optimal WiFi experience for both employees and guests, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.


1. Reliable and consistent WiFi coverage

You can rely on a professionally set-up and managed WiFi network that ensures consistent coverage throughout your organization. This guarantees optimal connectivity and productivity for employees and visitors.


2. Central management and monitoring

A Managed WiFi solution is centrally managed, giving you full control over the network. You can easily configure WiFi access points, adjust security settings, and monitor the network for potential issues. This makes the management efficient and simplifies the resolution of potential issues.


3. Scalability and flexibility

Managed WiFi can be easily scaled up or adjusted to your organization’s changing needs. Whether it’s adding new users, expanding to additional spaces, or supporting growing bandwidth requirements, it’s all flexibly accommodated.


4. Advanced security and guest access

Managed WiFi offers advanced security features, including authentication protocols, firewall protection and segregation of guest networks from internal networks. This enhances the security of your business data and network. Moreover, guest access management can be easily set up, allowing you to provide secure WiFi access to visitors without compromising your internal network’s integrity.


5. Proactive support and troubleshooting

With this service, you gain access to proactive support and troubleshooting from the service provider. In case of issues, expert technicians are ready to assist swiftly and efficiently, minimizing operational disruptions and reducing downtime.


Who uses Managed WiFi solutions?


1. Businesses and offices

Small, medium, and large businesses and offices rely on Managed WiFi to provide reliable connectivity to employees, clients, and visitors. This supports productivity, collaboration, and efficient business operations.


2. Hospitality

Hotels, restaurants, cafés, conference centers and other hospitality venues often implement Managed WiFi to offer guests a seamless and reliable internet experience. Guests can easily connect to the WiFi network and enjoy high-quality internet during their stay.


3. Educational institutions

Schools, universities and other educational institutions use Managed WiFi to provide a reliable and secure network for students, teachers, and staff. This enables access to online learning resources, collaborations and sharing of educational materials.


4. Healthcare

Hospitals, clinics, care homes and other healthcare facilities use it to provide connectivity to healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors. This supports efficient communication, medical data sharing and wireless access to healthcare services.


5. Retail

Stores and shopping centers implement Managed WiFi to offer reliable internet connectivity to customers and employees. It’s used for various applications, such as wireless payments, location-based services, customer interaction and store automation.

The use of Managed WiFi isn’t limited to these sectors and is valuable for organizations across various industries that require reliable, secure, and scalable WiFi connectivity.

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