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Work in the cloud

Can you digitally transform a business without changing to cloud-based working? Not really. If you want to stay future-proof and up-to-date in an ever-changing world, it’s even a necessity. And why wouldn’t you work in the cloud?

The change to work in the cloud is the first step to infinite efficiency and flexibility. You can share, access, and store your files, data, and software anytime, anywhere. All within a secure and high-speed online environment. Don’t forget that it can be scaled rapidly and updated instantly, without any disturbingly or costly upgrades!

* Maximum productivity
* Tailored Office 365 with backup
* Accessibility from anywhere through hosted telephony
* 24/7 support and guidance

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Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten

Keep your connection with the mainland through cloud solutions and enjoy the serene journey between shore and island.

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What does it mean to work in the cloud?

You can’t avoid on online work environment if you want your organization or business to collaborate simply, efficiently, and to stay in touch with each other – and with the rest of the world. But how does it work? We answer some frequently asked questions:


To work in the cloud: summarized

Using remote servers and storage to deliver data and software applications over the internet. In order for this to happen, you need a fast, secure network connection. Cloud based working in a nutshell:

* You’re reachable everywhere, always.
* Anyone (with permission) has access to data, files, processes, and programs.
* Daily automatic backups.
* Automatic management and updates.
* Expansion is always possible.


What are my benefits to work in the cloud?

Working in the cloud is simply the most efficient way of (collaborative) work. It doesn’t require a one-time large investment, it saves costs in the long term, it’s taking cybersecurity into account, and it’s also easy to scale. This is all making it much more cost-effective than having your own server infrastructure.


Which cloud solution fits me?

To give you a smooth journey to an online work environment, it’s important to understand which cloud strategy aligns with your business objectives. Consider:

1. Security: How secure is the solution and what security measures are applied?
2. Scalability: Can the solution grow with your business and adapt easily to changing needs?
3. Costs: What are the costs of the solution, both short-term and long-term?
4. Ease of use: How user friendly is the solution, and how quickly can employees start?
5. Integration: Can the solution be easily integrated with existing systems and applications within your business?

What solutions does Cloud Networks offer?

Cloud Networks is an official partner of Office 365. We specialize in setting up Microsoft Office 365 for businesses. The great thing is that we offer an all-in-one solution from Microsoft. With Office 365, we create a complete online workspace, including e-mail via Outlook, company storage with OneDrive, and seamless integration of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. And let’s not forget online meetings; Microsoft Teams makes it all possible.

At Cloud Networks, we guide your company through the implementation of Microsoft 365. We ensure that all online workspaces have the right software, and we help employees work effectively in the cloud. And what’s very important: we keep an eye out for potential security risks. If there are any issues, our support team is available 24/7 to assist you.


Is VoIP telephony also a cloud solution?

Indeed, VoIP telephony is a communication solution designed to work in the cloud. It doesn’t require a significant initial investment, it’s scalable, and it adapts to changes within and outside your company. You communicate through the cloud using devices such as your tablet, computer, or smartphone. No matter which device you use to make calls, your customers see only one number, and you’re always reachable! The exciting bonus of VoIP telephony is that it comes with a variety of features that you can customize to your liking and change them when needed. Contact us – one last time by the old-fashioned way – and we’ll be happy to explain the benefits of VoIP telephony in detail.


Help, I need to migrate to the cloud!

This is a challenge that requires the expertise that we have. We provide a secure migration or relocation of your new workspace to the cloud, whether it’s a private, public, or a hybrid solution.


Is it safe to work in the cloud?

It is! Cloud services are generally safer than installed software on servers and computers in the company’s own premises or environment. But this doesn’t mean that cloud services are automatically cybersecurity protected; this is where you turn to Cloud Networks. We ensure advanced data centers and top-notch (endpoint) security measures for better data protection than you can achieve on your own.

Fun fact: with a cloud solution, you are always better protected against hazards such as fires, natural disasters, and theft.

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