Want to be able to work anytime, anywhere; on the road, at home or at the office? With the Workplace in the Cloud solution from Cloud Networks, you and your employees can use the IT environment anywhere, anytime.

Work anywhere, anytime

With the Workplace in the Cloud you benefit from optimal productivity. All company data, files, processes and programs, based on your wishes, are within easy reach on your computer, laptop or tablet. We can provide the Microsoft Office 365 solution for you. But even if you have more specific wishes, you have come to the right place. With our backup solution, we provide a daily backup so that your files are always safe and can be retrieved.


Accessible everywhere

The need for efficiency also requires a flexible telephony solution. Hosted Telephony is a complete communication solution in the cloud, which does not require a large investment, but is scalable and moves with the changes within and outside your company. With Hosted Telephony you communicate via the cloud. You can use any device; your landline, your smartphone, but also your tablet and computer are now a fully-fledged part of your telephone exchange and your customers will only see one number when you call them. The numerous functions available allow you to set up and change them to suit your needs at any time.

Cloud Networks promises you

  • Workplace in the Cloud optimal productivity
  • Office 365 tailored to your company
  • Office 365 backup this is a very important add-on
  • Hosted Telephony accessible everywhere
  • 24/7 support we are always there for you
  • Personal guidance from start to finish

Cloud Networks has implemented a flexible Hosted Telephony solution at Rederij Doeksen. This allows the customers to be optimally addressed.

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